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ZALIMA is a vocational training centre and sixth form grammar school, funded by Junta de Andalucía, which has offered its educational services in Cordoba for more than 50 years.


Backed and driven by civic initiative, it has greatly contributed to the development and touristic promotion of the Cordovan capital since its creation, mainly through the highly qualified professional and social preparation offered to its female student body andthroughh the intensive cultural and social agenda which it promotes.


Through personalised student attention, ZALIMA incites and refines principles that compel its alumni to become professionals with specialist and quality education, preparing them to perform proficiently at their job posts.


ZALIMA is the first corporate work of the Opus Dei in Cordoba and has the guarantee of this Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church regarding all of its Christian education programmes.


The Opus Dei corporate work is a non-profit initiative aimed towards community services: Schools, hospitals, universities, vocational training centres…, in which all have the moral guarantee of the Prelature. Its backers, composed of civic entities or individuals, sustain it completely through financial and functional independence.


The Prelature only takes on the task of providing doctrinal guidance and priestly attention to those who so freely desire. This is promoted by members of the Opus Dei along with others who are not members of the Prelature.









ZALIMA opened its doors in late 1965 as the Higher Institute of New Professions for Women, anticipating a modern image of women in Cordoba who would be fully integrated in both in the social and professional fields. Since then, it has been a leader in Executive Secretariat training.


It began as an apostolic project under the leadership of the founder of Opus Dei for the benefit of society, women, and the underprivileged specially, with social, educational, and cultural purposes.


An event of historical importance was the visit of Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer to ZALIMA on 4 October, 1968, for the consecration of the altarpiece which presides the centre’s chapel.


In 1976, ZALIMA received official recognition as a Vocational Secretariat Training Centre.


In 1995, following massive clamour from the Cordovan society, the Centre received its homologation from the Local Andalusian Education Authority.


Founded in 1999, ZALIMA’s official homologation of its Advanced Levels Programme was published in the Andalusian Gazette (BOJA), expanding its educational offer and allowing it to become a vocational training centre and sixth form grammar school.


In 2001, the centre commemorated its 35th anniversary with a splendid programme of events, celebrated under the title, "Cordoba and Zalima: 35 years of common history."


Since its inception, motivated to adapt its educational offer to labour and business demand, the centre has created a private road to diversified professional training. More than 6,000 female alumni have completed their formal studies in ZALIMA.


Currently, ZALIMA is a referral centre for education and employment.



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